Sep 10, 2011

IPGT&RA, Jamnagar New Building Inauguration - Inaugural address by Mr.Narendra Modi, Chief Minister, Gujarat.

Jamnagar 9.09.2011
Chief minister of Gujarat, Mr. Narendra modi inaugurated the new building of Institute for Post Graduate Teaching and Research in Ayurveda (IPGT&RA),  Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar today morning. He made the  inaugural address in Hindi and summary is reported here.
There has been a great shift in the people's choice for their healthcare in recent days.Previously people were hurry to get their ailments cured at the earliest in whichever possible way, so much that they must be fit to go for work in the same day or at least next day. If it could be treated faster with injections, skip the tablets; if faster with surgery leave every other options and go for surgery. But now people are becoming more aware of consequences of such attitude, and realizing the importance of holistic healthcare. They even started to choose the suitable medical care for specific ailments. This has opened a great opportunity for traditional medical systems, specially for Ayurveda which is an integral part of Indian healing techniques. There is a people driven demand across the globe for Ayurveda and Ayurvedists must encash this wonderful opportunity.

If there are hindrances due to government policies and regulations for globalization of Ayurveda, they should be identified and should be rectified. At same time, we need  100% committed "Vaidyaraj"s (Ayurvedic doctors) who can treat the patients with pure Ayurveda. If you start shifting your treatment method to allopathic system, people loose faith on you. Of course many a times you may be provoked by the patients to do so, but dominate this with the trust you had on your area of qualification. Most importantly you must incorporate modern technologies and parameters to diagnose, understand the patient's condition more precisely and treat with Ayurveda. It will help to get the confidence of patients as well.

In post independent India, there were several suggestions made by Govt committees for upgrading Ayurveda. The striking one is the presentation of Ayurvedic medicines to the patients. Patient's acceptability of Ayurvedic medicines should be given a greater concern without compromising the principles of Ayurveda. To advice patients to take different parts of different powder and mix it or boil them to certain quantity etc. may not suitable for the present day, instead you need to give the ready made package of medicines which can be directly taken. This will be easier for the patients and is the demand of the present day. It is good to see that Ayurvedic pharmaceutical industries have responded well to this point and change has been brought by them.

Earlier Ayurvedic doctors had only option to practice in villages, now they have place in cities across the globe. The awareness has drastically improved. But the efforts should be continued and intensified in educating the patients. Along with the medicines dietary regimens are emphasized in Ayurveda care. In order to make patients follow them rightly, educating the importance of them is most important. Earlier people were obedient to follow the doctor's advice without much quires, but now the situation is different.

China has been the leader in practice of Traditional medicine and I am sure that there is no reason Ayurveda can not beat it, provided necessary hard work and focus is put continuously with proper direction. Hope present generation of Ayurveda will take this responsibility and act aptly.

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