Jan 15, 2012

Sankrit Villages

Indian villages where Sanskrit is used as Spoken Language

1. Mattur, Karnataka State, India

2. Jhiri, District: Rajgadh, Madhya Pradesh State, India

3. Ganoda, District: Banswada, Rajasthan State, India

4. Bawali, District: Bagapat, Uttar Pradesh State,... India

5. Mohad, District: Narasinhpur, Madhya Pradesh State, India

Source: http://help.berberber.com/forum100/114377-sanskrit-not-dead-language.html

Please put it as a comment if you are aware of any more villages/cities where Sanskrit is exclusively used.

Pls. do join the cause DO NOT DECLARE SANSKRIT AS DEAD LANGUAGE by following the link below.
Link for the cause: http://www.causes.com/causes/580330-do-not-declare-sanskrit-as-dead-language


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