Apr 22, 2012

Blame on Ayurveda taken back by IJP (Indian Journal of Pharmacology)

Early this year Indian Journal of Pharmacology has published an article  "STEVEN-JOHNSON SYNDROME DUE TO AYURVEDIC DRUGS" which was widely criticized by many for its baseless allegation. Now IJP has modified the article with the new title "STEVEN-JOHNSON SYNDROME DUE TO UNKNOWN DRUGS". The blame on Ayurveda has been taken back.

Appreciations to IJP for the rectification and congratulations to those all who involved in convincing them to do so. The more clarification is expected in the forth coming issue.

For the modified article, pl click on the link http://www.ijp-online.com/temp/IndianJPharmacol441134-5272717_143847.pdf


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