Aug 30, 2012

Academic and professional interests of Ayurvedic human resource needs protection

A thought provoking article (editorial) in the journal AYU by Executive Editor Prof. HM Chandola, discussing some of the burning issues in Ayurveda which needs solutions from the policy level, by the intervention of Dept. of AYUSH.

Under the subtitle Youth Directed and Motivated to Research, the author has convincingly elaborated the relevance for due consideration of regular PhD tenure experience as working experience in teaching and research posts, and additional privileges in order to promote the research in Ayurveda, to strengthen the quality of education and to give the right value to the highest academic qualification in Ayurveda. 

Under the subtitle Synthesis of Conventional Medicine Wherever Necessary, the need to use some of the essential modern medicines in order to handle emergency conditions and to aid the Ayurvedic treatments such as anorectal surgeries etc. is explicated.

The idea of combined entrance tests by various universities / institutes for MD/MS (Ay) admissions which is more student convenient, is also raised by the author.

For full text of the article, please follow the link here, 


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