Aug 9, 2012

Opening ayurveda college gets simpler

NEW DELHI: Now, opening a college for ayurveda has got simpler.

In a major push for the country's rich knowledge of traditional medicine, India has notified the all new minimum standard requirements to start a college teaching Indian System Medicine (ISM).

According to the Indian Medicine Central Council (Minimum Standards Requirements of ayurvedic colleges and attached hospitals) Regulations, 2012, which was notified on July 18, the land area required to open such a medical college has been reduced from 10 acres to only three.

The regulation has also overturned the rule that made 100-bed hospitals mandatory for every ayurveda college. The annual intake capacity in the undergraduate course will be in the slabs of 60 and 100.

The ratio of students with number of beds has been reduced to 1:1 as against 1:2 earlier. Distance between two beds in the general ward will have to be at least one and a half metres.

The minimum per day average number of patients in the inpatient department will have to be 40%. The requirement of teachers has also been reduced to 30, with 14 higher faculty against the earlier norm of 35 teachers with 20 higher faculty.

Also, it has become mandatory for all colleges to reveal names of faculty and their qualifications on their website.

Besides, if an ayurveda college fulfills all the requirements (number of teachers, functional hospital and availability of equipment) by December, 2014, it shall be granted permission to undertake admissions for five years during which time the college shall not be inspected except for random checks if any complaint is received.

Anil Kumar, secretary AYUSH (Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy), however, said all the existing colleges which have not been able to achieve total compliance "of requirements as specified in these regulations by December 31, 2014, shall be denied permission to function from the academic year 2015-16."

At present, colleges are granted permission for one year leading to an annual inspection.

In 2011-12, 134 ayurveda colleges were given permission, while 177 applications were denied. In 2012-13, 212 colleges have been given permission so far, while 100 have failed to make the cut. India has 25,000 undergraduate ISM seats and 3,200 post-graduate seats for ayurveda.

"It is desirable to have biometric attendance supported with web camera-based computerized attendance system. The college websites will have to show results of examinations of the previous year, detailed status of recognition of all the courses, details of clinical material in the hospital and details of teaching staff," the new rules say.



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