Sep 26, 2012

RAV workshop on Shukravaha and Artavavha Srotas and their pathologies & management

Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth, New Delhi is proposing to bold an Interactive orkshop in the month of December zou on "Shukravaha srotas and Artavavaha srotas, their srotodushti vikara and management". 
The description of shukravaha srotas symboBzes the reproductive system; it is simply not related to male only. So artavavaha srotas has also been included as a topic of this interactive workshop.

The extent of information available on these srotases in the texts is a miniscule compared to a very extensive description of efficient and successful dealing of the patients afflicted with diseases of these srotases. However, despite huge anatomical, physiological and pathological lacunae this practical knowledge ultimately resulted in the development of one of the eight faculties of Ayufveda called vajikaran during Vagbhat'. s period. Now with the advancement in modem medical diagnostic techniques and there is a paramount requirement of expanding the Ayufvedic material of shukravaha and artavavaha srotas (reproductive system) for clinical applications.

The topics like reproductive health, primary & secondary sterility, organic & functional disorders, psychosexual disorders, hyper- and hypo-gonadism, vajikaran, menopause & andropause, metabolism and gonadal hormones, geriatrics, shukravaha- and artavavaha-srotases, precocious puberty, adolescence etc. may be taken for discussion.

In this connection, the PG students and teachers of related departments of UG/PG colleges, practitioners and other professionals of Ayurveda are invited to send a minimum of five questions on different aspects of above topics. The questioners while sending the questions should give the complete references of the text, and also brief explanatory notes on the reasons why these questions require clarification. The questions. should be computer typed  and sent by fax-01125229753 or e-mail:, for early processing. Please ensure that the questions reach RAV. A print of the questions (in MS Word in English or Hindi) may be sent with name & address along with contact phone numbers with signature at the bottom of page. This circular and Hindi font Kritidev are placed on` the website of RAV

On the basis.of the relevance of the questl`ons and also the reasoning, five questioners will be selected and invited to participate in the interactive sessions. The invited participants  (questioners) will be paid TA as per rules, and provided modest accommodation and

Last date for questions to reach RAV is 31st Oct 2012

Reproduced from RAV website (Please find it in the links section of the blog and go through notification for details).


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