Jun 21, 2013

Scientists validate more herbal ‘cures’ for sickle cell anaemia

Nigeria, June 21, 2013 
Nigerians with sickle cell anaemia should no longer die or be limited by the condition because scientists have identified and validated herbal cures for the condition. CHUKWUMA MUANYA writes.
RECENT studies estimate that about 89 per cent of persons with sickle cell disorder (SCD) worldwide are in Africa, of which Nigeria alone constitutes 25 per cent. Europe has the least, 0.1 per cent, while the United States of America (USA), Asia and the Mediterranean have 3.5 per cent each.
However, most current works on the development of specific therapy for sickle cell anaemia include the discovery of Hemoglobin modifiers, membrane modifiers and genetic modifiers among others.
Several studies have shown that some of the orthodox modes of treatment of SCD include induction of fetal hemoglobin (HbF) using HydroxyUrea (HU), Butyrate or its derivatives, oral administration of Clotrimazole, which is a potent Gardos Channel inhibitor; blood transfusion and Haematopoetic cell Transplantation (HCT).
Although, the successful use of HU was reported in children, however, side effects or poor drug efficacy of some of these agents poses problems for many patients. In addition, the high cost of HCT is hardly affordable by most sickle-cell disease patients in Nigeria and other developing countries.

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