Jul 5, 2013

No insurance for Ayurveda Treatment?

Mangalore, 05.07.2013

(English Translation of a report published in Vijaya Karnataka, Kannada Daily dated 5th July 2013 on successful payment of mediclaim insurance for Ayurveda treatment, after the intervention of Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum)

Ayurveda, the medical system which has traditionally developed in India, is getting popularized more in recent days, even in abroad. Unnatural life styles are causes of diseases. To be able to live disease free, natural life style and food habits according to seasons are essential. Ayurveda has been treating based on such basic principles. The diseases are cured using the medicines prepared out of medicinal herbs. But, an insurance company has been arguing for not to provide insurance for the treatments carried out in Ayurveda. The clear argument was that insurance is only possible if treatment was done in Allopathy and not in Ayurveda. Vidyashri, a resident of Putturu Perlambadi (Dakshina Kannada District) had complained against the insurance company questioning this in Dakshina Kannada Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum.
Vidyashri including her family had done a health insurance policy of about Rs. 2 lakhs in Ipco Tokio. This institute had arranged to provide insurance service through Raksha TPA Pvt.Ltd. Vidyashri when got ill, took treatment at Udupi Ayurveda Hospital. After she completely recovered and discharged from the hospital, there was bill of Rs. 10,046/=. She paid it and submitted the bill to the insurance company for the reimbursement. But the insurance company has sent a letter to her with a remark that insurance company cannot cover Ayurveda treatment and hence the request cannot be accepted.
Annoyed by the argument that the insurance can not be availed if the treatment through Ayurveda, an indigenous medical system, Vidyashri complained about this in Dakshina Kannada Consumer Forum. The Forum has sent notice to concerned insurance company and the service providing company, asking for the explanation. Both the companies did not appear to the court personally or through lawyers.
The complainant submitted all the documents pertaining to the treatment taken to the forum. The president of the forum Asha Shetty, members Lavanya M Rai and  Arun Kumar K have given an important verdict that the insurance company should reimburse the treatment cost Rs. 10,046/=, and also should pay the expenses of the legal battle Rs.2000/= along with the 12% interest for the treatment cost from the date of complaint till the date of payment by the insurance company. Accordingly, Ipco Tokio has paid the cheque of Rs.13,736/=. Finally, Vidyashri has won in the legal battle and the total amount was received.

Original Report in Kannda: Ravindra Shetty, Mangalore

Translation: Dr. Naveen Kodlady; Translated and Published as a fair use, for the consumer awareness. The translator acknowledges author for his original report (in line with the post).


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