Sep 16, 2013

Contributions of Ayurveda in discovery of blood circulation now in APS Archive of tearching resources

"The history of the discovery of blood circulation: unrecognized contributions of Ayurveda masters" - An article written by Kishor Patwardhan, Banaras Hindu Univesity, Varanasi published in 'Advances in Physiology Education' in June 2012 has been included in APS Archive of teaching resources. It has been recommended for undergraduate-, post graduate-, professional-, and continuing education-level of life science education. The average learning time is around 1 hour.

The APS Archive of Teaching Resources is a collaborative digital library of peer-reviewed life science teaching resources that is free and open to educators worldwide. As of January 2013, the Archive contained more than 5,500 peer-reviewed teaching resources including audiovisual materials, lesson plans, teaching journal articles, and scientific content materials.  

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