Dec 7, 2013

Call for papers - Global Ayurveda Festival, Kochi Last date: 31 Dec 2013

GAF Date: 20 -24 Feb 2014

Focal theme: Ayurveda in Public Health

Sub themes

    1. Public health through Ayurveda
    2. Good practices of Ayurveda interventions in community health – case studies
    3. Ayurveda in the current infectious diseases scenario
    4. Rasayana as a public health tool in communicable diseases
    5. Cardiac diseases and Ayurveda
    6. Obesity, Diabetes, Metabolic diseases and Ayurveda
    7. Scope of Ayurveda in Rehabilitative medicine
    8. Musculo-skeletal ailments with special focus on marma
    9. Toxicology - an area of strength in Ayurveda
    10. Ayurveda in occupational health
    11. Reproductive health and infertility management
    12. Women and child health in Ayurveda
    13. Mental health and Ayurveda
    14. Other Clinical Specialties in Ayurveda
    15. Nutrition and Dietetics in Ayurveda
    16. Cosmetology in Ayurveda
    17. Medicinal Plants with special focus on adulterants and substitutes
    18. Role of Ayurveda in graceful ageing
    19. Clinical Research in Ayurveda
    20. Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutics research in Ayurveda
    21. Medical applications of Yoga
    22. Literary research in Ayurveda
    23. Frontiers in scientific research and Ayurveda
    24. Policies, rules and regulations in mainstreaming Ayurveda
Papers can be submitted for oral/postal presentation on areas mentioned under the major themes to be covered in the seminar.
Last date for submission of Abstracts : 31stDecember 2013
Last date for submission of Full paper :31st January 2014


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