Jan 28, 2015

AYU SASTRA 2015 Announced

SASTRA (School for Advanced Surgical Training and Research in Ayurveda) is a research clinic functioning under AVPRF (The Research Wing of The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Cbe) Ltd). SASTRA is organizing a workshop on AYU SASTRA keeping in mind that the Surgical procedures which were mentioned in ayurveda, though not widely practiced, should be brought into the limelight, and popularized in the community of young ayurvedic physicians. This workshop will acquaint the participants with various Ayurvedic Surgical and Para Surgical methods which were well practiced in ancient days but declined through the ages. Modern stalwarts like Dr. Pervaje have rediscovered and revived such techniques and have made invaluable contributions to prove the safety and efficacy of these procedures once again in the modern world without compromising the basic principles of our science!

This workshop will function as a platform between the young Ayurvedic Physicians like you and the experience Ayurvedic Surgeons, creating opportunities to learn how to integrate surgical and para surgical procedures in one’s daily clinical practice.

For application and more details, please visit http://workshops.avpresearch.org/Workshops/Home.html 


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