Aug 19, 2013

Care Keralam completes validation study of 5000 year old Nizhakathakadi Kashaayam

Peethaambaran Kunnathoor, Chennai
Monday, August 19, 2013, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]
In a major scientific development, Care Keralam, the Ayush cluster in Kerala, has successfully carried out the validation study of a five thousand years old ayurvedic product, Nizhakathakadi Kashaayam, a time tested medicine for diabetes.

The study was conducted following the decision of the Ayush department to conduct clinical trials for Ayush products and the advice of Sam Pitroda, chairman of the National Innovation Council, said Karimpuzha Raman, managing director of the cluster.

Care Keralam is one of the Technopreneur Promotion Programme (TePP) centres in India, which is engaged in implementing innovation related projects. Care Keralam would submit the study report to National Innovation Council next week.

According to information received, this is the first clinical study conducted for an ayurvedic product in the country all these years. Study for another 29 products is also in the pipeline which was suggested by Sam Pitroda. Raman said after completing the validation study the products can be sent to foreign countries as Indian traditional medicines. An amount of Rs.6 crore are expecting towards expenses for the validation study of these thirty products.

While speaking to Pharmabiz, the MD said any manufacturing company or organisation can submit their innovation projects to Care Keralam for clinical study and on completing it they can submit the report to government of India. Care Keralam will lend all technical support to the companies for carrying out the scientific studies for classical and proprietary medicines.

“We are conducting the study on the advice of Sam Pitroda. Our study will definitely add value addition to the industry after its completion. We need a period of maximum five years to finish the project. For ‘Nizhakathakadi Kashaayam’ we took three years to complete the study. The pre-clinical study was conducted on rodents,” Karimpuzha Raman said.

Besides technical and scientific studies, the Centre is now equipped with state of the art facilities for carrying out encapsulation and tableting of ayurvedic products. All thailams and kashaayms can be converted into soft gelatin capsules or tablets. Care Keralam is the second institution in Kerala with sophisticated toxicology laboratory, first being in Sri Chitthira Thirunal Hospital at Thiruvananthapuram.

According to him the Centre is getting huge orders from companies and CROs across the country to conduct toxicological studies.


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